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Our mission is to teach organizations and individuals practical techniques and stategies they need in order to build and maintain a quality balanced life.


Be Inspired Consultant and Coaching LLC expresses forms of inspiration and upliftment to men, women and children through small group settings/conferences and social media.


Be Inspired Consultant and Coaching LLC is destined to share the beauty and greatness of the world.  The beauty may include visual images, reminder of family roots, inner self-esteem, peace, joy and love. 


Ursula is an inspirational speaker and empowerment coach that shifts a person from lower levels of empowerment to a rising and higher state of emotions to help build a balanced life. Ursula is destined to motivate and empower all walks of life. She wants all of her clients to experience the impressive level of professionalism when working with Be Inspired Consultant and Coaching LLC

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Consultant and Coaching


"Forgiving Father" and "Madam President: How To Think and Act Like a Leader" (co-authored).

The Man Project: Men's Empowerment Conference

Look for my new book coming soon. Yes, my calender is ready for radio shows, speaking engagements an
Springville Road Library teaching _Study Skills_

Book Signing in Louisville, KY

Good morning to another beautiful day,_Remember to INSPIRE,  spread love, hope, joy and laughter to

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